Big stuff happenes. Big moments. Life changing events. Important decisions. It’s a BIG deal!

But most of my day aren’t like that. At least not at this stage. (Perhaps when John and I were dating– now that felt like a big deal! Probably because it was.) Right now my days are filled with little boys and all the things that come with being wife and mom.

My life is made a little moments. I base my decisions on how many “spoons” I have, how much energy I can spare.

I used to think I was crazy or subpar with how exhausting life seemed. Turns out I’m not crazy. I identify with an Enneagram Nine (though John says I’m totally a 10.)
I take on life the same way I eat ice cream— with a little spoon. A big spoon gives me a brain freeze. If I take on too much at once, I don’t savor it. I panic. And any experience becomes negative.

Life has lots of positive momebts! Life with littles is full of moments to savor. These moments are hard to capture with a camera. And even harder to remember to write down.

So here are a few photos I captured of one night… A night in which bedtime was delayed by an hour. We peacefully looked at spiders, watched the cat hunt for mice, and climbed a massive mound of freshly dug earth.

My sweet husband washed the dishes and swept. He took out the trash and even stopped to watch the sunset with us. (He even bathed the kids for me afterward.) And all these things he did for me so I could savor the experience, enjoying every bite.

And afterward, the kids were filthy. The neighbors were friendly. I felt loved. And totally at peace with enjoying the string of little moments in our backyard.

And lots of dirt.


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