I see you in your yoga pants and ponytail. You are beautiful.

You amaze me. You can parent the toddler and scroll through Instagram at the same time. You can push a shopping cart at the grocery store while talking on the phone. You can eat dinner faster than anyone else at your kitchen table.

You are a superhero.

And I see you with your Starbucks in hand, parked in the school pick up line, enjoying a few quiet moments to yourself. You are beautiful.

I see you in your new haircut. Go ahead. Try the duck face.

I see your angry face, too. The face that makes your children (and husband) run for cover. You sit down for one moment and someone needs something. You tell the toddler the same thing 10 times. Your clothes don’t fit your amzing, transforming body. Even in your frustration, you are beautiful.

And I see you, those stains on your shirt from your workout, from lactating, and cooking dinner. I see your hat hiding your bad hair day. You are beautiful.

That smart phone in brightly colored case serves you well, momtrepreneur. Though your superpowers include your likable personality and perfect breasts, your phone unlocks a whole new power–your selfie game.

And your selfie game is strong. I see you in the public restroom mirror. Go ahead, check yourself out. You are beautiful.

In celebration of the Mom Selfie, please enjoy.

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