In the last two years, John and I have made it through the three most three stressful things in life: getting married, moving (2x), and having a baby.

2 years

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With all the stress and heaviness, we have had to force ourselves to unwind. Date nights, working out, and watching Netflix or playing the Wii have been key ingredients in our relaxation recipe.

It’s not super glamorous these days though. Date nights are often the local Mexican restaurant in my yoga pants. Sometimes work outs are sets of push-ups or a walk in the park with the stroller. Our TV choices are as drama free as possible, often Pokemon.

I’ve also noticed other ways that we left off steam. We revert back to our childlike natures.

I had a happy childhood, filled with ice cream, puppy dogs, orange trees, and lots of sunshine. John’s was filled with cub scouts, reading books, and dreaming of being a US President.

We still enjoy those things– ice cream, sunshine, reading, dreaming…. We stay up too late, eat too much candy, and even still have tickle fights. And we’re 25 years old. And yes, we recently watched the first Pokemon together for old time sake.

Life has its own pressures. Marriage. Babies. Health. Family. Work. Life. Death. Having some play time together has helped lessen the burden.

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