Life without Internet

Somewhere between April and November, we lived without internet at home.

Here’s why:

  • Dave Ramsey: We finished Financial Peace University and cut every unnecessary cost, cutting roughly $60 a month from our expenses. BAM! Money in the bank!
  • Moderation: It’s hard for me to say no. Having internet meant having Netflix, which is a real temptation for me. And my behavior changes if I’ve spent an excess amount of time binge watching. I keep my cool better in the quiet.
  • Curiosity: I wanted to know what I would spend my time on away from the internet.

Time is your most precious commodity. Here’s what I noticed about my time:

  1. I read more books!! Like lots! See my reading list here at Good Reads.
  2. I became more attentive to Damien. We became more schedule oriented. Naps happened. Bedtime was enforced. We ate regularly. And we had many great, less sad-days. We got out of the house and had adventures.
  3. Marriage got better. John and I were intentional about family time. We grew together and remembered how to have fun again.
  4. I had limits. Whenever I needed the internet, I scheduled time (at John’s office, my parent’s or a local Wifi spot) and I set a time limit. This allowed me to be efficient and more productive with the time that I had. Squandering time and internet surfing were over.
  5. Responsibilities seemed reasonable and improvable. I became a better meal planner and house manager.  I spent my evenings crafting, baking, or reading. I even took several evening dedicated to self-care.

Without internet, my time to blog reduced.

Now: So, what brings me back? We have internet again!

We have another baby boy coming in March 2017, and I knew I would resources, especially in postpartum. I was already using a lot of cellular data looking up recipes or reading articles. Having internet allows us to lower our data plan and still save money.

Also, with a new baby, I will need John’s help. With internet at home, he’s ready to help at home while still running his business.

As for Damien, he loves having songs and music on the TV around the house. We were getting a little tired of Frozen and decided to let it go.


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