Ferris Bueller Knew

Oh, wow. Hey. It’s been a while.

Real quick life recap?

New baby. Bad vacation. Job interview in Mexico. 10k+ debt payoff (Thanks, Dave.) Thank you for choosing Chick-fil-a (again.) Baking with Mormons. Postpartum and depression. Welcome to corporate America, John. THE ENNEAGRAM (thanks, Ian.) Damien in pre-preschool (he LOVES it.) The weekend of a wedding and a funeral. Counseling. Living with family. Living without family. Another funeral, grief, and the after life. Outlaws and In-laws. Thank God for Paw Patrol!

And that’s only what I remembered of what I intended to write about.
I had blog posts mentally noted for each of these topics.

But alas… As my spirit animal, Ferris Bueller, once said,
“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Lukas Robert, April 1, 2017

And for that you can find me in Instagram.

So rather than talking about the past and catching up (which I find way overwhelming for all parties (#Enneagram9) I propose that we just talk about this week. The current moment is bearable.

Moment changed. I’m tired 😫.

Here’s a family photo.

Photo by Haley Hicks


Love and peace to all

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