Everything Has Changed

I’ve been told that everything changes when you have a baby.

It’s true. Everything has changed.
We have something new.
And he’s totally worth it.


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With Damien in the house, there is so much joy. He coos with the sweetest voice. He smiles more often than he dirties a diaper, which is a lot! His hair is always standing straight up.

I have laughed more in the last two weeks than in the last two years.

And I have been more challenged and broken in the last two days than in the last two weeks.

Having a baby pushes me beyond my limitations, challenges me, and refuses to leave me unchanged. Our bundle of joy demands growth in John and I both. Simply having Damien in our life makes us stretch, learn, and become better (#challengeaccepted.) Our life is no longer just us.

Despite the discomfort of no sleep and always smelling like spit up, John and I are joyous. We must grow, are growing, and will continue to grow because of our little son. The best things in life change you for the better.


And everything is changing.
We are rising to the uncomfortable challenge of parenthood.
Everything is new.


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