Smoothie Basics

Hey Alex,
I lived off liquids and smoothies once. Here’s a few things  I learned.  Also, most of these items I purchase at Kroger, although the links are to various websites.

— Nut milks: Soy milk is the highest nut milk in protein. My favorite is unsweetened organic.  Rice milk has the most carbs.  My favorite is Rice Dream Original. The sweetened one is weird.  And regular milk will make the smoothie really creamy.
— Dairy. Yogurt is especially good. I would recommend a plain yogurt. Youll have sugar in the fruit to make it sweet already. Greek yogurt is also fantastic. I’m also a big fan of putting a dollop of ice cream in the smoothie.
— Juice is full of sugar. Watch out! Orange juice is great with citrus fruits. Grape or cranberry goes well with berry or green smoothies.
— “Juice Diet” recipes could also be a good source of healthy juice recipes for you.  Our midwife once told me, “Unless you saw the juice made, it’s probably sugar and water.” I have no experience here, as we don’t have a juicer. Therefore feel free to be as healthy as you please :).
Stocks and Broths: Sometimes it’s nice to have something hot and nutritious going down. Blended soups are also a good option. My mom fed me Ramen noodle broth (so mostly sodium and water) but it felt sooo good. I now make my own veggie stock (part of the process for baby food) and I would choose that over Ramen broth now ;-). Also, if you do blend a broth in a smoothie, I’d use a green one (see below.)

— Protein powders: There’s a lot out there: whey, egg, pea protein… We use brown rice protein powder due to my husband’s allergies. There are several that are plant based and look super healthy and green.
— Calcium and Magnesium: Magnesium Serene saved my stomach from pain, keeping things happy, moving, and comfortable. With added magnesium, I need a calcium supplement to balance it out. I chose Calcium Citrate.
Flaxseed Oil keeps the tummy happy. It also made the smoothie creamier.
— Iron. I like chlorophyll. It takes like peppermint and it’s plant based. It turned everything green. But it seriously made me feel stronger.
— Lady discomfort from antibiotics? Try Kefir or Kombucha or live active yogurt. As I understand it helps with probiotics in the stomach and yeast balance.

Bananas (I like to to freeze them before hand. It makes everything creamy.)
Berries = tart = antioxidants
Ice = froth = H2O (and John is a big fan but I could take it or leave it.)
Spinach / Kale = greens  (The rule of thumb is 1:2 ration of greens to berries.
Grounds = oatmeal and flaxseed can be pureed before hand and added.

There are so many possibilities! But here are a few recipes :).

Green Smoothie:
1/3 greens (spinach or kale)
2/3 fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or any combo)
1/2 frozen banana (for sweetness)
Add milk of your choice, probably about a 1/2 cup.
— Supplements as desired

About 7 pieces of frozen mango or pineapple
1/2 frozen banana
Equal parts of milk and orange juice
1/3 yogurt (or something creamy)
About 2 frozen strawberries (if desired)
— Supplements as desired

1 frozen banana
Equal parts raspberries, blueberries, cherries
1:2 ration of OJ to milk
— Supplements as desired

Nutty Buddy:
2 TBS of your choice of nut butter (almond, peanut, sun butter, etc)
1/2 cup milk
1 frozen banana
And yogurt if ya like
— Supplements as desired

These recipes are just the bases that we use in our home. We mix it up a lot! (Pun intended)

Happy blending!

And speedy recovery.


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