The hubbs, the babe, and I recently made a trip down to the beach. Our first family vacation. Our first vacation actually. 

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I forgot how much I love water. The sand, too. I hadn’t played at the beach in over 10 years. But after two days on our recent trip, I had a significant tan line. I definitely like the beach.

Damien was less than enthralled. The sand didn’t taste good. The ocean was scary. However, he did love the pool. He was a total pro! He kicked his legs back and kept his nose out of the water… though he probably drank plenty.

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Seeing John at the beach was great, too. I had understood that he was a water-dud, fearful and hating to swim. He’s quite the opposite. I can’t recall having seen him play like that since we were in high school at the DDR machine. The beach looks good on him.


One particular evening, Damien stayed in with family while John and I went out. We had dinner at a local joint and walked along the pier. We had no cash, so the clerk kindly paid our way. We shared out m&ms.

On the pier we stalked a stork. We saw oil rigs in the distance. And we saw more than a dozen sharks. Ek!

We romantically spent the rest of our evening waking the beach, staying away from the ocean, and not thinking about the sharks.


The rest of out time was spent working remotely, eating, napping, or hanging out with family.

I forgot how it felt to relax. So much of our time is consumed by the immediate, loud, and in-your-face. But time is so precious. I’m glad we chose to spend some at the beach.

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