Here and Now

Oh, wow. Hey. It’s been a while. Real quick life recap? New baby. Bad vacation. Job interview in Mexico. 10k+ debt payoff (Thanks, Dave.) Thank you for choosing Chick-fil-a (again.) Continue reading

Life without Internet

Somewhere between April and November, we lived without internet at home. Here’s why: Dave Ramsey: We finished Financial Peace University and cut every unnecessary cost, cutting roughly $60 a month from Continue reading


The hubbs, the babe, and I recently made a trip down to the beach. Our first family vacation. Our first vacation actually. 


I like pretty things. I like earrings. I like flowers. I like Damien, my now 6 mo old son. Right now it’s 1.5 hours past bedtime. But Damien won’t go Continue reading


In the last two years, John and I have made it through the three most three stressful things in life: getting married, moving (2x), and having a baby. Click here Continue reading

Everything Has Changed

I’ve been told that everything changes when you have a baby. It’s true. Everything has changed. We have something new. And he’s totally worth it.